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Born in the Englewood area of the Southside of Chicago, Bird became interested in music at the age of 6 from hearing all sorts of music from James Brown to Run-DMC at family cookouts. At the age of 8 he fell in love with music (especially hip-hop) after being inspired by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. His father, wanting to get him to a better neighborhood moved him to Riverdale to live with his aunt, he became fully immersed in hip-hop and at the age of 9 he joined a group called Point Of No Return the core of which consisted of his older cousins and a neighborhood friend. It wasn’t soon after that he got his first taste of the stage performing in front of a packed houses at talent shows at Thornton Township High School, always stealing the show. This inevitably lead him all the way to Apollo's Amateur Night, but when things didn’t come to fruition the group inevitably parted ways. At that point Bird turned to the streets really heavy, and out of a desire to find out his foundation and who he was he ended up back to Englewood in search of his estranged mother. This quest didn’t have a happy ending as he found out his mother didn’t really care or even tried to find him. That pain is what caused him to start his own team made up of family, longtime friends and supporters called Flock City. Flock City began to make a lot of noise in Chicago and eventually caught the ear of John Monopoly, A&R for Epic Records and Kanye West and Shawnna's manager, after he heard Bird's "Flew Da Coop" mixtape. John Monopoly who was COO of Lawless Inc. at the time introduced Larro to Bird and put a heavy cosign on him which lead to a surprise call from the CEO. After seeing what they had done with King Louie he soon signed and hit the studio hard in preparation for his soon to drop mixtape "BankAHolic"

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